Festival crowds sample West Country meats

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

While DJs entertained crowds on the decks, chefs Dez Turland, Hari Ghotra and Chris Wheeler showcased beef and lamb cuts to inspire visitors to the West Country PGI stand, at Exeter Food & Drink Festival.

Around 7,000 people visited the stand, which was positioned in a prime location at the popular festival over the bank holiday weekend.

Visitors were able to sample dishes including smoked beef brisket, West Country lamb cutlet sizzling in a Brumhampton spice mix and Denver steak with wholegrain English mustard.

West Country PGI Scheme Manager Karl Pendlebury organised the event and said: “Many returned after visiting the West Country stand in previous years, to find out more about the meat and the best way to cook different cuts. They are inspired by the chef’s passion, and the taste of the dishes on offer.

“Sharing PGI Beef and Lamb in the heart of the West Country has really helped to raise awareness across the country, because so many people come to this beautiful area on holiday. We’re also now seeing more chefs including PGI meat on their menus, whether shopping or dining out, we’re getting more people buying this quality produce.”

For beef and lamb to hold the West Country PGI badge it must be produced in the six counties of the South-West and be at least 70 per cent forage fed, which helps to give it a unique flavour.

The driving force behind the Exeter food festival and two Michelin star holding chef, Michael Caines, said: “The atmosphere at Exeter Food and Drink Festival has been incredible; visitors loved sampling the dishes which showcased beef and lamb produced in the West Country.

“Quality and provenance is very important to create dishes that show authenticity to the region I’m so passionate about, it’s been a pleasure to share that passion by creating delicious dishes, to share with people who are interested in discovering new tastes and flavours.”

The West Country Beef & Lamb stand was at the Exeter Festival of South West Food and Drink from Saturday 4 – Monday 6 May.

To find out more or to register and join West Country Beef & Lamb visit westcountrybeefandlamb.org.uk or call 0870 608 6610.