28 February 2024

We have won the Marketing Campaign of the Year Award from the Trade Association Forum for our Eat Like a Lioness campaign.

16 April 2024

An event for chefs and anyone working in the foodservice sector.

14 February 2024

Could your organisation help dispel myths about livestock and the environment?

12 June 2023

Pork was a best seller on the coronation weekend

23 May 2023

Pigs Tomorrow highlighted key challenges and explored innovation within the global pig farming industry

19 April 2023

British roast beef will be reimagined when a trio of influencers share recipes during Great British Beef Week (23–30 April)

16 May 2023

Order Consumer campaign resources

7 September 2022

Our consumer campaign We Eat Balanced returns this week to help protect long term consumer attitudes to British meat and dairy

16 August 2022

James Taylor joined the Beef & Lamb sector council two years ago

7 July 2022

The long-term aim of our consumer marketing campaigns is to stimulate demand for British pork and make it a regular purchase, changing the perception of pork in consumer’s minds and aligning it with what modern, busy households are looking for when making meal choices.

4 April 2022

Ninety-two per cent of consumers agreed the latest AHDB TV advert communicated that pork medallions were a healthy mealtime choice.

30 March 2022

Our marketing campaigns are already changing the way consumers view pork, carefully targeting specific groups of consumers and highlighting different cuts of pork.