18 December 2020

This January, consumers will be encouraged to “Eat Balanced” with new advertising campaign.

6 October 2020

'One Pot' recipes to highlight pork ease and affordability

17 November 2020

Following the government-led Request for Views, we recognise the importance for change. These are our commitments to levy payers.

8 September 2020

Join representatives from DEFRA, the Department for Trade and Industry and Promar and explore the opportunities for dairy in exporting to the United Arab Emirates

3 July 2020

When you think of tennis, you wouldn't automatically think of lamb ...

1 July 2020

The second year of a campaign by the British levy bodies has succeeded in reaching 17 million people, helping to bring a more balanced perspective to public discussion around the health properties of red meat.

1 July 2020

The first dairy TV advert in 20 years as part of the Milk Your Moments campaign airs this week

12 May 2020

How the industry is coming together to reignite demand for dairy

23 April 2020

We are calling on farmers and industry to push pulled pork as part of a new £100,000 consumer campaign

5 October 2020

Educational resources for parents, children and teachers as schools stay closed during the COVID-19 outbreak

26 February 2020

A larger pot of £3.5 million has been committed to ring-fenced fund (RFF) work between levy boards in England, Scotland and Wales in the coming year.