Special occasions

7 July 2021

With the COVID-19 pandemic, have Added Value ranges maintained their relevance? and what are the opportunities going forward?

24 May 2021

Traditional roast lamb benefitted from easing restrictions this Easter, as more shoppers switched from chicken to lamb

19 May 2021

What COVID behaviours do we see sticking around for the longer-term?

25 March 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic did not stop us celebrating Valentine's Day, with total Valentine's food and drink sales up £85m compared to 2020.

10 February 2021

This Christmas, fresh produce and potatoes saw volume gains due to more consumers celebrating Christmas at home.

10 February 2021

Red meat volumes grew faster than turkey and whole fish this Christmas. Cheese volumes were up 17% in December.

10 December 2020

With new more stringent governmental restrictions introduced on the 3rd December, how could sales of meat, dairy and potatoes be affected in the run-up to Christmas?

4 December 2020

A lack of inspiration, rather than a conscious reaction to trends such as veganism, was at the heart of the pre-Covid-19 reduction in meat, fish and poultry consumption, new AHDB research has suggested.

13 November 2020

Consumers had 100 million BBQs this summer. What does this mean for meat, dairy and potatoes?

12 May 2020

The red meat sector enjoyed its biggest Valentine’s Day in 5 years. Dairy and potatoes also saw growth.

4 February 2020

Belt-tightening behaviours meant Christmas 2019 saw the slowest rate of growth over the festive period in four years.

19 December 2019

In the last year mince has seen spend and volume increases but steaks and roasting were in steady decline