Beef & Lamb

2 November 2018

Bovine respiratory disease (BRD) or pneumonia is the most common reason for death and poor performance in young cattle and costs the UK cattle industry an estimated £50 million a year. This booklet gives an overview of how to recognise, test and treat BRD

2 November 2018

Under good management, lambing sheep as ewe lambs can improve the financial viability of sheep systems while at the same time reducing the number of breeding females kept. This publication gives a detailed overview of factors to consider when breeding from ewe lambs

2 November 2018

Over-wintering cattle outside on a well-designed and managed woodchip pad offers many benefits. However, it is important that pads are properlydesigned, constructed and managed for the benefits to be realised. This report gives guidelines on designing and managing woodchip pads

30 October 2019

Returns to sheep farmers can be improved by delivering a product that fits the customer's needs. This means deciding which market to target and making decisions based on that. This booklet aims to help producers understand market specifications and the factors that can effect carcase value and producer returns

21 August 2019

Sheep farmers are encouraged to check their rams 10 weeks prior to tupping to ensure that they are fit for the breeding season. AHDB Beef & Lamb has designed a leaflet that ensures a quality MOT check for your rams based on the five ‘Ts’ (toes, teeth, testicles, tone and treat)

21 December 2020

Diseases in sheep and cattle have made the headlines many times over the last few years. The impact of a disease can range from an annoying setback in production to a devastating infection leading to widespread culling of the flock. What is certain, however, is that every disease has an impact on returns

2 November 2018

This review is a summary of some of the research carried out by AHDB Beef & Lamb on behalf of levy payers. The annual publication includes key findings from completed projects and updates on ongoing research.

13 June 2019

Cost-effective feeding systems that support optimum output are paramount to the profitability of a breeding flock. This publication aims to ensure that the potential contribution of grazed and conserved forage is maximised to ensure both minimal cost and optimal rumen function.

19 September 2018

Feed is a vitally important input to livestock production systems. It makes up the majority of variable costs and contributes to determining how well animals perform and the profitability of the system. This guide covers a range of feeds (excluding forages) that are suitable for beef and sheep rations

19 September 2018

This directory considers the options for growing forages on sheep and beef farms to help reduce reliance on purchased feeds. It can be used alongside the BRP Mini Feeds Directory which contains information about home-grown feeds such as grains and roots, as well as purchased feed options like co-products

26 November 2018

Diseases in the UK cattle industry account for huge losses and are a major welfare concern. This publication highlights some of the major conditions affecting the beef industry. It provides insight into the main symptoms and risk factors, alongside the most effective prevention and treatment protocols

21 February 2019

Commercial producers are increasingly taking a more informed approach to breeding. They are seeking maternal sires that suit their particular farms to breed female replacements and improve early growth rates. This manual gives advice to producers on buying a recorded ram for maternal sire traits