An exciting time to join an RL crop committee

Wednesday, 16 November 2022

AHDB has issued a call for growers and agronomists to apply to join its influential Recommended Lists (RL) crop committees.

With five committee positions available and the RL poised to enter a major review period, it is an exciting time to join the trialling project that recommends cereal and oilseed varieties for the UK.

What are the vacancies?

The five vacancies are:

  • Oilseeds Crop Committee – one grower and two agronomist vacancies
  • Wheat Crop Committee – one agronomist vacancy
  • Barley and Oats and Other Cereals Crop Committee – one agronomist vacancy

Paul Gosling, who leads the RL at AHDB, said: “These opportunities are perfect for people passionate about variety development. Not only will the successful candidates help lead the independent and cutting-edge crop variety trials, but they will also play an important role in implementing the findings of the next major review of the RL.”

A major review of the RL is conducted during each five-year project phase, with the next review due to commence later this year. Committee members will consider the findings to ensure that the RL continues to deliver varieties that work for the entire industry.

What does it involve?

The RL crop committees:

  • Agree on agronomic and quality definitions for varietal recommendation
  • Select candidate varieties for trial
  • Propose new varieties to add to the RL

Committee members meet three times a year – generally, May/June, August/September and November.

Successful candidates receive support and reasonable allowances to cover costs during their three-year term.

How to apply

The application deadline* is 5 January 2023.

Applications, including a cover letter* and CV, should be sent to

For further information on the roles and process, please call Paul Gosling on 078 1717 0156.

The anticipated interview date via MS Teams (online) is 19 January 2023.

The RL Crop Committee Handbook, which provides further information on the role of the crop committees, can be accessed via the RL project and protocols page.

*Note: The cover letter should describe the applicant’s interest in varieties and detail what they believe they can contribute to the RL. Deadlines were revised on 2 December 2022.

RL 2023/24 launch

All RL 2023/24 online tables, as well as variety comments and the launch news release, will be available from 28 November 2022 (12:00pm) at

Insight into the new RL edition will also feature at the Agronomists’ Conference 2022 (6 December, online).

Members of the farming press can register to attend a media launch (9:30am on the launch day) by emailing