Insects and mites in stored grain and grain stores

This poster shows the more common of over 50 insect and mites species that may occur in grain stores. Correct identification is important.

A sign of suboptimal storage conditions, the presence of live insects and mites is unacceptable to processors and can result in damage to grain. To check for insects, sieve representative samples (typically using a 2mm mesh) and inspect the material thoroughly.

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Primary pest: Grain-damaging species

Saw-toothed grain beetle

Oryzaephilus surinamensis

Rust-red grain beetle

Cryptolestes ferrugineus

Grain weevil

Sitophilus granarius

Foreign grain beetle

Ahasverus advena

Flour mite

Acarus siro

Cosmopolitan food mite

Lepidoglyphus destructor

Lesser grain borer

Rhyzopertha dominica

Secondary pest: Mould or hygiene-related species

Brown house moth

Hofmannophila pseudospretella

White-shouldered house moth

Endrosis sarcitrella

Hairy fungus beetle

Typhaea stercorea

White-marked spider beetle

Ptinus fur

Mould beetle

Cryptophagus species

Plaster beetle



Psocoptera species

Non-damaging or stray species

Rove beetle


Ground beetle


Narrow-necked harvest beetle

Anthicus floralis

Clover weevil

Sitona species

Predatory mite


Predatory mite

Cheyletus eruditus