Dairy herd genetic reports

Herd genetic reports help you see the breeding potential of your milking cows and youngstock through their genetic index. Find out about these reports and what they can tell you about traits and inbreeding values.

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What is a herd genetic report?

Herd genetic reports (HGRs) are available to all UK dairy farmers who fully milk record. They allow you to see the genetic potential of milking cows and youngstock, giving you information on the following:

  • £PLI – a within-breed genetic index designed for all-year-round calvers
  • £ACI and £SCI – across-breed indexes designed for autumn and spring block calvers
  • Milk (kg)
  • Fat and protein (kg and %)
  • Inbreeding level
  • Management traits – including SCC, mastitis, fertility, maintenance and lifespan

The HGR provides information in six parts, as outlined below.

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Parts of a herd genetic report

Herd genetic report summary

The report summary gives you an overview of your dairy herd by age or lactation number. The summary allows you to monitor trends and identify strengths and weaknesses across a herd.

The herd standards report

The herd standards report compares your herd by youngstock or lactation group against national breed averages. This report allows you to identify genetic strengths within your herd, while also highlighting the weaknesses and areas where you can make improvements.

Herd sire list

The herd sire list shows all the sires that have daughters in your milking herd or youngstock. It allows you to easily identify previously used sires, as well as giving you their genetic evaluation data.

Youngstock report

The youngstock report allows you to review each animal’s genetic potential so that you can choose the most suitable animals to breed future replacements. The youngstock report also identifies the strongest and weakest animals by genetic trait, helping you make more strategic breeding decisions. All animals can be re-ranked by specific traits (such as fertility or SCC) to help you identify strengths and weaknesses. This report is routinely updated when genomic data is available.

Milking cow report

The milking cow report is similar to the youngstock report, as it allows you to identify each milking cow’s strengths and weaknesses. As with the youngstock report, you can view all animals or apply filters to select specific groups (such as lactation group, fat %) to be bred. Both reports identify the genetically superior animals that could be used to breed your next generation of youngstock.

Inbreeding checker

The inbreeding checker allows you to independently assess the expected inbreeding level from mating your milking animals and/or youngstock against available bulls.

With the speed of genetic progress and the greater availability of new bulls, minimising inbreeding has become increasingly complex. The inbreeding checker allows you to select the animals you wish to breed, determine the bulls you’re interested in and then produce a report to highlight the resulting inbreeding for each mating. Any predicted inbreeding level above 6.25% is highlighted in red.

Try the herd genetic report

To try the herd genetic report yourself and see what it can do for you, access the Herd genetic report demo, using the username and password combination below.

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Herd genetic report demo

Introduction to Herd Genetic Reports video

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