Fungicide programmes for wheat and barley

An introduction to fungicide programmes

This web page covers fungicide programmes for winter wheat, winter barley and spring barley. Focused on the main spray timings, it also outlines the implications for fungicide resistance management and provides basic information for other cereal crops.

Fungicide programmes are an essential component of many disease management strategies. Generally, the T1 and T2 fungicide timings give a yield response in winter wheat and winter barley. The T0 and T3 timings give a much smaller or no yield response, although a T3 can be important for protecting grain quality.

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Actions to manage fungicide resistance

  • Exploit all practical, non-chemical control options
  • Use varieties with resistance to the main diseases of concern
  • Minimise the number of applications – only use fungicides when the risk or presence of disease warrants treatment, but treat before the infection becomes well established
  • Use the minimum dose required to effectively control the target disease
  • Include a multisite fungicide, where available, in both the early and late-season sprays
  • Make full use of effective fungicides with different modes of action in alternate sprays or mixtures. Where possible, make sure the mixture is balanced (i.e. use mixing partners at doses that give similar efficacy and persistence)
  • Avoid repeat applications of the same mode of action

Note: The most resistant-prone diseases are septoria tritici in wheat and ramularia in barley.

Fungicide programmes for specific cereal crops

Fungicide programmes for wheat Fungicide programmes for barley Fungicide programmes for other cereals (oats, triticale and rye)

Protecting chemistry for wheat and barley (video)

Cereal chemistry changes demand a new approach to disease management. Fiona Burnett (FRAG and SRUC) describes how to weave fungicide options into programmes to protect efficacy and maintain sufficient disease control.
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