Trade between the UK and New Zealand: Charts and infographics

Thursday, 14 July 2022

Our charts and infographics summarise the trade position between the UK and New Zealand.

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Description of the charts and infographics

Data is averaged over the three-year period 2018-2020.

  1. The first bar chart shows UK exports to New Zealand of all commodities, from animal hides to machinery and transportation. It shows that the highest value of UK exports are for machinery/electrical and transportation, totalling over £450 million. For foodstuffs and animal products exports the totals are about £54 million.
  2. The pie chart shows the breakdown of UK foodstuffs exports to New Zealand by % of value, including animal fodder and tobacco. Beverages, spirits and vinegar are the largest single category at 40%. Note that the foodstuffs category does not include vegetable or animal products.
  3. The second bar chart shows UK imports from New Zealand, using the same list of commodities as the earlier bar chart. For foodstuffs and animal products the totals are over £545 million.
  4. The first infographic shows that 96% of foodstuffs imported from New Zealand were wines of fresh grapes.
  5. The second infographic shows the % of UK imports that are from New Zealand for: beef (0.3%), dairy (0.1%), lamb/sheepmeat (66.6%) and rapeseed oil (0.1%). 
  6. The final infographic shows the % of total New Zealand exports that are sent to the UK for beef (0.2%) and Lamb/sheepmeat (10.7%)

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