Environment and ethics

4 December 2020

A lack of inspiration, rather than a conscious reaction to trends such as veganism, was at the heart of the pre-Covid-19 reduction in meat, fish and poultry consumption, new AHDB research has suggested.

12 November 2020

From climate change to biodiversity, our list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) cover a wide range of topics on the environment.

17 November 2020

Catch up on the retail and consumer insight webinars

10 September 2020

Join representatives from DEFRA and DIT for the second webinar exploring export opportunities available in the Middle East

8 September 2020

Join representatives from DEFRA, the Department for Trade and Industry and Promar and explore the opportunities for dairy in exporting to the United Arab Emirates

22 May 2020

How has the current climate affected consumer views on farming?

4 May 2020

Find out how to clip/grind piglets' teeth and when it is appropriate to do so

15 January 2020

In store purchase drivers differ across dairy categories, therefore what are the opportunities for the dairy sectors?

26 November 2019

Flexitarians are on the rise but has veganism been over-stated? How has market saturation affected meat and dairy sales?