Environment and ethics

2 August 2021

Animal welfare is claimed to be one of the most important factors for consumers when choosing meat products, after other considerations such as appearance and price.

24 September 2021

Health is a long-standing concern for consumers, and therefore is a topic AHDB monitors regularly.

28 July 2021

Consumer food choices can be influenced by a multitude of factors. Climate change and the environmental impact of food production is one area where there has been growing interest from consumers.

13 July 2021

Sustainable agriculture has become something of a buzzword in the media. Therefore, identifying consumer attitudes towards and understanding of grass-fed or pasture reared livestock is crucial, as a ‘grass-fed’ claim could become a point of difference to shout about.

13 July 2021

Regenerative agriculture encompasses farming practices that work to actively improve the environment. But what is the general awareness and understanding of the term? And will it become the buzz word of agriculture?

20 April 2021

Covid-19 has been a challenge all round. However, it has also given the supply chain an opportunity to demonstrate where they are supporting consumers and to build trust.

11 February 2021

Join the farming community, exhibitors and esteemed speakers for two weeks on online farming seminars and engagement at Dairy Tech 2021 - Week 2

29 January 2021

Following on from 2019’s research into Trust and Transparency in the British food system, we look at how consumer attitudes have evolved over 2020 in the wake of coronavirus. We explore how important the environment is to consumers in the UK, and look at farming’s relative position on environmental issues.

4 December 2020

A lack of inspiration, rather than a conscious reaction to trends such as veganism, was at the heart of the pre-Covid-19 reduction in meat, fish and poultry consumption, new AHDB research has suggested.