Pig production Grand Prix winners announced

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Eight pig producers from across Europe have won international awards for their innovation in pig production. They are the winning entrants in the EU PiG Innovation Group (EU PiG) Grand Prix and have each been awarded the title of EU PiG Ambassador.

It is an annual competition designed to identify best practice on pig farms and share it with pig producers throughout the European network and beyond.

The winning examples of best practice from the 2018 EU PiG Grand Prix are:

Precision             Daily manure removal to reduce emissions                Netherlands

                            Improving young sow retention                                   United Kingdom

Meat quality         Easy weighing of pigs for slaughter                            Netherlands

                            Olive oil as a source of fat for pigs                              Belgium

Welfare                Birth management in loose farrowing systems           Austria

                            Novelty enrichment material                                       Spain                                

Health                  Different feeds as zinc oxide alternatives                   Belgium

                            Cross-company approach to PRRS                            Belgium

EU PiG coordinator Ben Williams, of AHDB in the UK, said: “Congratulations to the 2018 EU PiG Ambassadors who we’re looking forward to working with. We’ll be providing more details, photos and videos of how their innovations work in practice on our website.

“It shares new knowledge and practical case studies all in one place online, helping producers across Europe find out about the ideas and systems already out there that can help improve their own farm’s efficiency and sustainability.

It’s a bit like going on a study tour without having to travel. EU PiG is providing another way for producers to pick up information and experience directly from each other. It is about connecting pig producers and others across Europe to help ensure an evermore efficient and competitive industry.”

More information will be added to the EU PiG website in due course and producers can subscribe to receive the EU PiG newsletter for updates; in the meantime, producers can contact their local Regional Pig Innovation Group (RPIG) leaders for more details on the best practices and other innovators in their region.

Visit: www.eupig.eu/best-practice/2018-grand-prix-winning-best-practices

The EU PiG project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.