Have your say on the future of agricultural apprenticeships

Monday, 2 December 2019

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education has launched a major review of apprenticeships for Agriculture, Environment and Animal Care in England. 

The review will recommend changes to our existing apprenticeships and set the priorities for apprenticeships in our industries going forwards. 

A consultation supporting this review is now open until 4 December. It is relevant to employers, training providers, apprentices and anyone else with an interest in the future of the occupations covered.  These include:

  • Stockperson level 3

By engaging with the consultation, you will help us to make sure our existing apprenticeships meet the needs of employers, learners and training providers.  You will also influence the future of apprenticeships in our industries.

Click here to take part in the consultation:

Skills development has been recognised as a key factor to bridge the UK agricultural productivity gap. “Agriculture depends on skilled workers to increase its productivity and apprenticeships provide a perfect route to train while working. As an employer this is your opportunity to steer the future and get involved with apprenticeships,” said Chair of the Agriculture Employer Trailblazer Group, Richard Longthorp.

Launched last year, new Crop Technician and Stockperson Trailblazer standards now have almost 250 apprenticeships underway.

In 2017/18 there were 814,800 people participating in an apprenticeship in England. Only 7,000 of those were in the agriculture, horticulture and animal care sector, compared to the top table where 111,000 apprenticeships covered business, administration and law.

Our Skills Manager, Amie Burke said: “When qualified, the combination of technical knowledge and practical on-the-job learning ensures apprentices become competent employees. It’s essential to develop our future talent pool. Apprenticeship standards support the creation of a professional framework with qualifications relevant to the needs of employers in the future. The agricultural skills gap has not appeared overnight, but by working together, investing in the next generation we can solve it.”

For more information: https://ahdb.org.uk/trailblazer-apprenticeships

AHDB response to the consultation

AHDB response to the consultation

You can view the full AHDB response to the consultation here: