AHDB position on the Government Food Strategy

Monday, 13 June 2022

Tim Rycroft, AHDB Chief Executive, said: “Today’s Government Food Strategy acknowledges the pivotal economic role that the agri-food industry plays. Farmers will welcome measures announced to boost domestic productivity and relieve workforce shortages in the food supply chain. AHDB will continue to support farmers to produce great food but in a sustainable way.

“The paper acknowledges a central role for AHDB in developing a What Works Centre to share best practice across the industry, building on our reputation for providing trusted and independent advice to the industry. We also welcome support for food education in schools and ambition to build a strong food curriculum. Ensuring consumers of the future are well informed is critical to a thriving industry.

“While there will be some concerns that the Government has not yet moved further to ensure that trade deals promote fair competition and opportunities on both sides, the strategy acknowledges Government’s partnership with AHDB to open and develop a number of Asian markets, as well as Canada and the US.”