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Weekly update

  • Good growth rates and as such plenty of surplus grass this week, says Piers Badnell, LIC consultant.
  • With recent rain, most of the country has a good surplus over demand per hectare, so make surplus paddocks into silage. I would suggest doing it as soon as they hit 3000kgDM/ha and you know you aren’t going to graze them.
  • Take surpluses as soon as you can, they are then regrowing and giving you options. Leaving them to bulk up means they are out of the grazing cycle longer and when cut take longer to regrow – if this regrowth hits hot, dry weather you may find yourself short of grass.
  • Average cover should only include what you plan to graze on the platform as silage surpluses distort average farm cover (AFC) figures.
  • When planning cutting, check that your demand is manageable by removing the surplus area before doing calculations.
  • If cutting a good proportion of the platform, leave the stubbles out of your average cover figure for a week, otherwise you may distort your average.  After a week, growth will have kicked in and as such you have a better reflection of your AFC.
  • Good weather, good growth and quality – milk your grass.

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