Alternative winter systems to housing cattle and sheep

Find out about outwintering, deferred grazing and outdoor straw pads. Read our tips and advice, including how to manage environmental impact.

Outwintering livestock on brassica and forage crops

Benefits of outwintering include reduced feed and building costs. However, it is not ‘low labour’ and requires careful management. 

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Manage the environmental impact of alternative winter systems

Planning, flexibility and backup plans are key to managing environmental impact.

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Deferred grazing/all-grass wintering

Ideal for extending your grazing period through winter, at the end of autumn, or in early spring. Careful planning can save £15/ewe.

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Outdoor straw pads

Design and management of straw pads, including expected straw requirements and space requirements for cattle.

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If you want to increase flexibility in your system, you should consider:

Grass and forage management

Rotational grazing

Management of woodchip pads

Livestock and the arable rotation

Improving pasture for Better Returns

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