Dairy herd genomics

Genomics uses a young animal’s DNA to estimate their genetic potential and gives dairy farmers confidence to make informed breeding decisions with their youngstock.

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Dairy herd genomics

Genomic evaluation brings several advantages to your herd and breeding programme. On these pages, we’ll look at dairy herd genomics in more detail, covering:

  • The genomic process and its cost
  • What genomics can do for your dairy herd
  • Genomic inbreeding
  • The reliability of dairy cow genomics

Follow the links below to find out more about genomics in the UK dairy industry.

Dairy genomic evaluations

Genomic evaluation highlights young bulls with higher-reliability proofs compared with traditional genetic indexes.

Find out more about genomics, the testing process, and costs.

Genomic Inbreeding

Genomic inbreeding is a powerful and accurate way to assess animal inbreeding.

Find out more about genomic inbreeding and how to use it.

Reliability of dairy herd genomics

The reliability of genomic evaluations is an important consideration when using them to inform your breeding programme. These pages look at reliability in more detail.

Find out about the reliability of genomic evaluations

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