Stockman Development Scheme Central

Past Event - booking closed

6 March 2019

1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Heath Lane, Shenstone, Kidderminster, Worcestershire

DY10 4BS

This session covers farrowing management and costs £35.00

 Learning Outcomes

  1. To be able to identify five key tasks in preparing the farrowing house/pen
  2. To be able to identify the signs of farrowing and when intervention is necessary
  3. To be able to list three key aspects of managing gilts in the farrowing house
  4. To be able to list three important factors in piglet survival
  5. To be able to explain/determine the importance of correct diet and environment for the sow and her piglets in the farrowing house/pen location

The Stockman Development Scheme is a series of workshops, addressing each stage of pig production. Covering service to slaughter, the training is delivered by technical experts focusing on basic knowledge and everyday tasks.

It is suitable for individuals who are new to the industry or wish to refresh their knowledge. Sessions are interactive, and encourage input from all participants, enabling the sharing of knowledge and practices. 

To book your place contact  Tel 01904 771212