SmartPork: The use of lean management to drive business performance

Would you like to improve gilt retention or increase weaning weights? Join us for an introduction to our SmartPork programme and find out how you can use lean management techniques to improve performance across your farm. 

Ben Williams, Senior Knowledge Transfer Manager will host this webinar and provide an overview of what SmartPork is.

We will then hear from Neil Fedden, the managing director of Fedden USP Ltd., which helps businesses improve their bottom-line profits by helping them improve productivity, service levels and the levels of innovation within their product offerings.

Neil will explain how he will be working with pig farmers to improve efficiency on farm.

AHDB’s Pippa Handley and Aisha Shabnam will then talk about how we will be working with farmers and how you can get involved with the activity.

Find out how one farmer has made savings of €60,000 per annum by implementing lean management on his unit:



If you have any questions about this event, please contact us using the details below.


T 01904 771212

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