Chris Elkington Strategic Farm - Increasing lamb performance on a forage based diet

Join AHDB's national knowledge exchange manager, Sarah Pick and Lincolnshire Strategic Farmer, Chris Elkington. 

Reducing lamb finishing costs whilst boosting their performance was one of the primary focus areas for Lincolnshire Strategic Farmer, Chris Elkington.

Chris sells most of his lamb direct through his own butchery, Gelston Lamb, and therefore careful management of growth rates is essential to ensure a constant supply throughout the year.

This year, Chris has improved his rotational grazing and has also started to experiment with alternative forage options including herbal leys and red clover to try and reduce feed costs.

Join Chris and his consultant, Dr Liz Genever for this interactive webinar where they will discuss:

  • Boosting lamb growth rates on forage based diets
  • Managing ewe lambs to reach target tupping weights
  • Establishing and managing herbal leys



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