Strategic Farms

7 June 2022

The widely reported energy crisis may have caused our domestic energy bills to increase, but it has also led to dramatic price hikes for fuel, nitrogen fertilisers and feed costs.

16 June 2022

AHDB Strategic Farmers Chris and Louise Elkington are taking steps to reduce their risk of anthelmintic resistance.

6 June 2022

Effective worm control is vital in any profitable sheep system. Lambs with even a modest worm burden, with no clinical signs of infection, can have reduced performance and increased costs.

26 May 2022

Ian joined the AHDB Strategic Farm programme in 2017 with the aim of creating a profitable suckler business which also allowed him to spend time with his young family.

10 February 2022

Marketing your meat directly to the customer can often be a profitable solution. It eliminates the middleman, and in theory, returns additional profit to the farm business.

27 January 2022

Join us and LIC business consultant Piers Badnell as we take a look at Strategic Dairy Farmer Dan Burdett’s farming business at Cockhaise Farm.

17 December 2021

Philip Dolbear explores the use of physical and financial assessments to identify marginal arable land.

16 December 2021

Conducted over three (often challenging) seasons, trials showed a flexible and holistic management approach is best.

15 December 2021

A managed approach to lowering fungicide inputs was cost effective in the winter wheat trials at Strategic Cereal Farm East.

15 December 2021

Strategic Cereal Farm East host, Patrick Barker, discusses the approach and shares on-farm trial findings.

18 January 2022

The first of our agronomy roadshows will focus on the topic of growing a profitable crop

12 November 2021

AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm Scotland uses cover crops to provide living root in soils all year round.