Strategic Farms

12 November 2021

AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm Scotland uses cover crops to provide living root in soils all year round.

18 October 2021

Profitability and efficiency are key factors driving the success of Millands farm in Ayrshire. Brothers Wallace and James Hendrie were keen to explore how they could turn a carbon audit required by their processor to their advantage.

12 October 2021

Join us for an on-farm event with strategic dairy farm host Dan Burdett who is considering the long-term sustainability of his business.

19 October 2021

Johnny Haimes from West Sherford Farm, Brixton, joined AHDB’s Farm Excellence project as a Beef and Lamb Strategic Farmer in 2017

14 October 2021

Ian Nobury runs a herd of 106 Aberdeen Angus suckler cows on his 100ha, predominantly grassland farm in Cheshire.

7 October 2021

Bertie Newman from Manor Farm, Cattistock joined AHDB’s Farm Excellence project as a Beef and Lamb Strategic Farmer in 2017

7 September 2021

Strategic Dairy Farm host, Dan Burdett, has been taking part in the Healthy Feet Lite programme, aimed at helping farmers reduce the number of lame cows in their herd.

7 September 2021

Improving cow tracks and infrastructure are helping the Tucker family improve their business and prepare for the future

15 November 2021

Our Strategic Cereal Farms put cutting-edge research and innovation into practice on commercial farms around the UK.

7 July 2021

See how strategic dairy farmer, Phil Kinch, Buscot Wick, has been ensuring a smooth transition period in their autumn calving herd in Oxfordshire.

23 June 2021

This webinar explores how you can ensure smooth transition management in an autumn block calving herd, and how to better use data to make informed business decisions.

7 July 2021

We explore the benefits of a lower age at first calving with strategic dairy farm host, Andrew Gilman who is optimising this KPI at his family farm in Staffordshire.