Strategic Farms

20 November 2020

Reducing intervals between silage cuts has helped strategic dairy farmers Tony and Michael Ball improve their milk from forage and reduce feed costs.

19 November 2020

David Aglen, host of AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm Scotland, is the Farms Manager at Balbirnie Home Farms in East Fife.

23 November 2020

AHDB is looking for an arable farm or enterprise to host the next AHDB Strategic Cereal Farm.

20 November 2020

Dan Burdett reduced his autumn calving block from 12 weeks to six weeks

11 November 2020

Sophie Brewster has joined our Scottish Dairy team as Knowledge Exchange Manager.

29 October 2020

Harvest 2021 trials at AHDB Strategic Cereal Farms will focus on the prevention, detection and control of pests, weeds and diseases – key components of IPM (integrated pest management).

20 November 2020

Opportunity to ask any questions and hear more information about the trials and demonstrations happening on the three AHDB Strategic Cereal Farms

17 November 2020

What can the research at AHDB's Strategic Farms teach us about weed management?

19 November 2020

Sharing the concept of flowering strips and the research at the Strategic Farms

18 November 2020

A discussion of the trials and demonstrations at on each of AHDB's Strategic Farms

17 November 2020

Hear about the cover ans catch crop trials at the Strategic Farms