Strategic Farms

7 February 2024

The latest Strategic Cereal Farm East will use its own data and research connections and establish new trials to optimise input use.

29 December 2023

The complex subject of nitrogen uptake and use is tackled by our strategic cereal farmers.

22 December 2023

Learn how our farms are making cover crops work for their businesses.

15 December 2023

Learn how our strategic farmers use risk-based decisions to tackle crop threats

12 December 2023

How are strategic cereal farmers getting to grips with on-farm data?

15 November 2023

Our three new Strategic Dairy Farms welcomed more than 120 farmers to launch events to learn more about their operations and goals over the coming years.

30 October 2023

Read about Adrian Coombe's time as an AHDB strategic farmer

7 November 2023

Join us, in partnership with the Bailey family, for the launch of our new strategic dairy farm.

12 October 2023

Join us for an on-farm meeting to launch our new strategic dairy farm, Lydney Park Farms.

25 October 2023

Join us for the launch of our new strategic dairy farm that will be providing a focus on environmental issues.

30 June 2023

Norfolk-based David Jones has been announced as the successor to Brian and Patrick Barker as their six-year tenure as hosts of Strategic Cereal Farm East comes to an end.

22 June 2023

Putting a scientific spin on regen farming set to pay dividends at Strategic Cereal Farm Scotland