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Strategic Farms

27 February 2020

Join AndreVan Barneveld for a masterclass around achieving higher yields from your grazing platform

5 February 2020

Join us on stand or book one our specialist seminars at this years Dairy Tech 2020

17 December 2019

Results show attention to detail key at Strategic Cereal Farm East results day

29 October 2019

Visit our stand at the Welsh Dairy Show

12 December 2019

How to optimise the weaning to calving stage of heifer rearing by utilising data and setting targets.

20 November 2019

Finance; the future; science and technology and TV promotion. Just a snapshot of the topics for discussion at the 2019 Onion and Carrot Conference taking place in the historic city of Cambridge.

26 November 2019

Learn about the practical steps you can take to ensure that you can help generate long term financial stability on your farm

5 February 2020

We’re looking for seven new farms across England to take on the challenge.

7 October 2019

Three years ago Bruce Farms agreed to become AHDB’s first strategic potato farm in Scotland, and they embraced the project ethos – driving research into commercial practice – with gusto.

7 October 2019

Once more the Brexit deadline is looming and predicting the result seems more than a little foolhardy. However, I have been trying to imagine what Scottish agriculture will look like in five years’ time, possibly something just as challenging.

3 October 2019

New plum centre and mechanical weeder revealed to growers

27 September 2019

Replicated tramline trial at Strategic Cereal Farm West is looking at the impact of different cultivation strategies