Strategic Farms

23 July 2019

Find out more about integrated pest management in this podcast episode

4 July 2019

Over one hundred children learned the art of potato cookery from chef Carina Contini as part of a potato education day organised by AHDB and RHET.

1 July 2019

The final Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm Open Day hosted by Bruce Farms will highlight simple practical changes growers can make to improve their margins.

8 July 2019

Rob Fox of Squab Hall Farm, Leamington, is trying to find practical approaches to reduce the environmental impact of farming, while maintaining productivity.

21 June 2019

Demonstrating the Powdery Mildew Prediction Model

21 June 2019

Find out what the WET Centre has planned for soft fruit growers in 2019.

21 June 2019

An introduction to the WET Centre, a centre of excellence for water-efficiency techniques, for soft fruit growers.

21 June 2019

A Cambridgeshire based business is to lead the way in demonstrating labour saving techniques to help the horticulture industry offset the shortage of seasonal workers.

21 June 2019

A Scottish fruit grower will work with AHDB to highlight how horticultural growers can increase efficiency and reduce their reliance on labour.

18 June 2019

Rhual Dairy in Flintshire has been named as the first AHDB strategic dairy farm in Wales. Run by John and Anna Booth as part of a shared farming partnership, Rhual Dairy is an all-year-round-calving herd with 336 Holstein Friesian cows.

9 July 2019

Summary: Strategic Farm - find out how autumn calvers Buscot Wick Farm improved their herd fertility this breeding season

11 June 2019

We are on the hunt for a host for our next strategic potato (SPot) farm in Scotland.