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29 April 2020

Grain prices came under pressure in April as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted demand, leading in an surplus of supplies.

29 April 2020

The Commission expects that EU sheep and goat meat production will remain stable in 2020, after considerable growth recorded in 2019.

29 April 2020

EU beef production is expected fall by around 0.6% in 2020, due to a contraction in the herd size and weaker prices.

22 April 2020

During February UK imports of fresh and frozen primary sheep meat dropped 30% year-on-year. Meanwhile exports declined just 300 tonnes.

22 April 2020

Global beef production in 2020 is expected to reach 61.53 million tonnes, slightly (-0.2%) less than in the previous year.

1 April 2020

Brazilian beef exports have slowed this year, as it's main export regions tackle the coronavirus

19 March 2020

During January, UK imports of fresh and frozen sheep meat declined by 18%. Meanwhile, exports increased 7%.

18 March 2020

In January, UK beef exports increased by 20% on the year. Meanwhile, imports fell on the year.

12 March 2020

We take a look at how the combination of products we trade affects the value trade balance.

9 March 2020

The UK trade balance for all dairy products* was positive in volume terms in 2019, with a surplus of 95k tonnes of product.

6 March 2020

New Zealand farmgate beef prices have come under pressure as Chinese import demand dropped off.

5 March 2020

EU-28 exports of butter products increased by 35% year on year in 2019, with UK exports up 11%.