Working with partners to maximise use of organic materials

Thursday, 5 May 2022

The requirements for organic manure use on grassland and tillage land under the Farming Rules for Water have recently been clarified by new statutory guidance. 

The guidance provides the Environment Agency with criteria to help it assess if enforcement action is required under the Farming Rules for Water.

Commenting on the updated guidance, AHDB’s Head of Environment Dr Jonathan Foot said, “At a time when global events have increased fertiliser and other input costs for farm businesses, organic materials and manures have an even more crucial role in supporting agricultural production and for maintaining soil health.

“AHDB has been working with partners from across the industry to find a solution. This guidance issued by Defra will enable the industry to maximise the use of manures and organic materials, with only more limited-use conditions and restrictions where serious harm can be caused to the environment.

“To support these solutions, we have commissioned a review of the impact that the introduction of Farming Rules for Water will have. We have also submitted evidence from our own work.

“We will continue to support the industry in complying with these rules, now the new guidance has been published, and AHDB will continue to propose transitional arrangements that support our levy payers to adapt to the new rules.

“While we welcome the announcement of additional grants and support to install additional slurry storage capacity, this can’t be installed overnight, especially where planning permission and the purchase and installation of these systems needs to be factored in.”

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