New ‘Pick Pork’ TV ads promote quick-cook cuts

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The latest £2.5 million phase of the AHDB ‘Pick Pork’ advertising campaign will hit TV screens from Monday (17 September).

The adverts build on earlier calls to ‘break-up with boring’ with consumers enticed to try pork loin steaks and medallions, to increase their culinary confidence with these quick and easy-to-prepare cuts.

To encourage younger people to purchase pork, the campaign will also harness the power of social media influencers.

Research has shown that only one in five people know how to cook more than three pork dishes. To change that, influential cooks including Indian food specialist Hari Ghotra, Asian food experts The Dumpling Sisters - Amy & Julie Zhang, and family orientated foodies Taming Twin’s Sarah Barnes and A Mummy Too’s Emily Leary, will share recipes and cooking tips to inspire shoppers.

Managing the latest phase of the campaign, AHDB’s Head of Meat Marketing Liam Byrne, said: “We’re out to change shoppers’ perception of pork, putting more on plates through the week. We know if people don’t have the confidence to cook pork, with easy recipes to choose from, they simply won’t. We’re using a number of methods to change that.

“The new Pick Pork campaign runs from TV screens through to shops, with retailer support recognised as an important step early on. As shoppers browse, they will see on-pack recipe inspiration and promotions as they shop online. To encourage more retailers to back pork, we’ve also used front page trade advertising and we’re pleased that major supermarkets and independent butchers are supporting.”

Research from Kantar Worldpanel showed the first campaign delivered incremental revenue of £13.2 million, with £6.43 of extra retail sales generated for each £1 of marketing media spend*.

The AHDB Pork Board has helped to shape the campaign and ensure that pork producer’s and processor’s needs are captured in the advertising activity.

Andy Napthine, Group Marketing Controller at Cranswick, said:  “We’re proud of the pork we produce and I’m confident the Pick Pork campaign will inspire more people to cook pork as part of a healthy diet.

“Following the first phase of the campaign, we saw a significant improvement in people’s attitudes towards pork as part of their mid-week meals and that translated to sales, with nearly half a million more people buying pork during the campaign periods, compared to last year**.

“Pork loin steaks being added to the marketing activity will help increase consumers’ awareness of easy to cook pork based meals. New recipes promoted on packs in supermarkets and in local butcher shops should see people buying more loin steaks and medallions, as well as the more traditional cuts.”

To see the latest versions of the ‘Pick Pork’ adverts visit New recipes are also included on the site.

* Research on the impact of advertising and in store activity was carried out using the Kantar Consumer Mix Model, May 2018

** Campaign dates 25 Sept – 5 Nov 2017, 8 Jan – 25 Feb 2018. KantarWorld Panel Consumer Mix Model