Managing new reseeds

Friday, 4 October 2019

Early grazing is top of the good reseed management to-do list to help new pastures thrive and persist. Aim to graze autumn reseeds before winter to promote growth rates and tillering in the reseed. Grazing at a height of 6-8cm in down to 4cm before the winter is recommended. The challenge is to do this without over-grazing or poaching and the lightest class of stock available should be used. Also, remember to avoid applying excessive slurry.

Top tips for reseed management:

  1. Walk your reseed twice a week until post establishment
  2. Avoid overgrazing. Plant reserves necessary for survival and regrowth are stored above the ground in grasses, in the bottom 4 cm of pasture stubble
  3. Avoid cutting silage swards in the first six months, as this does not encourage the sward to tiller
  4. Carefully manage fertilisation. Avoid applying excessive slurry and use the Nutrient Management Guide (RB209) which provides guidance on nutrient requirements of grasslands
  5. Review weed control practices for new leys to ensure good establishment and to avoid variable ground cover.

The AHDB Grassland Reseeding Guide provides a best practice guide to help you achieve the best from your investment.