Coronavirus: EU seasonal worker exemption letter template

Download this letter template to help seasonal workers from the EU confirm their employment status with border authorities.

From 8 June, anyone entering the UK will need to self-isolate for 14 days, with some specific exemptions.

In England, seasonal agricultural workers working in edible horticulture will be allowed to isolate at the property they are working on. They may be placed into a cohort that they primarily live and work with while isolating.

Before entering the UK, they will need to provide some information to border authorities. Read the government's latest guidance for seasonal agricultural workers who have an offer of employment for seasonal work to carry out specific activities in edible horticulture on a named farm.

Workers from the EU will need to provide an email or letter from their employer confirming their employment status. You may wish to download this EU seasonal worker exemption template, which can be downloaded in a Word document format from this page.

For advice on managing cohorts, social distancing and living arrangements, read our advice on Best practices to avoid the spread of coronavirus for seasonal workers on fruit and vegetable farms.