Talking Leaders: Tapping into the halal market

Past Event

Tuesday, 23 April 2024

11:30am - 12:30pm

Awal Fuseini, AHDB's Halal Sector Senior Manager, will be talking about the global halal landscape and the factors that influence it.

We'll explore:

  • The opportunity the halal market presents to UK farmers, from both a domestic and global level
  • How UK farmers can adapt, innovate and develop products that could add value to their margins
  • The cultural nuances and consumer preferences driving demand for halal meat products

Awal Fuseini 

Dr. Awal Fuseini holds a PhD in Animal Science and currently works as a halal sector manager at AHDB. He is also a visiting research fellow at Huddersfield University Business School and an Honorary Associate of the British Veterinary Association.

Awal works closely with levy payers and key stakeholders to create a better understanding of the requirements of halal meat production. His role involves introducing various initiatives aimed at promoting English beef and lamb as versatile and convenient products to halal consumers.

Awal has many years of experience working in the halal sector, complemented by the publication of numerous peer-reviewed publications in some high-impact scientific journals.

His work has been consulted by EU policymakers over the years, and he is a member of a number of food industry working groups.

Awal has also published a book on halal meat production and market opportunities, which received positive reviews from key food industry experts.

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