Table Talk - weaning lambs this year for profit next year

Join AHDB Beef & Lamb and Matt Blyth, independent livestock advisor, for a live discussion that will look at this impact of weaning ewes this year for profit next year.

Nerys Wright and Matt Blyth worked on a sheep Key Performance Indicators (KPI) project between 2013 and 2016. They will discuss some of the unpublished findings from that project and how they can be implemented in flocks. The main focus of the talk will be weaning lambs in a dry year.

During the online event we will cover:

  • Age and weight of lambs when weaning, what should a wean weight target be for lambs?
  • Condition of ewes and use this to determine when to wean the ewes
  • The latest research from KPI project highlights the longterm effect of ewe BCS at weaning on the scanning of the next breeding season
  • The impact of 2020 dry summer on grass growth – how to stop this knocking on into next year – how can we fill the gaps? 
  • Results from a survey on assessing ewe condition

To book your place please email or call 01904 771218 or book online here

Please note after booking, in addition to the confirmation email, you will receive a booking link on the day to attend the live Microsoft Teams online event.



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