Switching to autumn block calving

Past Event - booking closed

6 March 2019

10:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Cucklington Village Hall, Rowls Lanes, Cucklington, Wincanton, Somerset


Join us and John and Sam Crocker from Church Farm Dairy to find out how they have moved to a tight autumn calving system over the last four years. Autumn block calving herds are shown to have potential cost savings of between 1 and 4ppl over all-year-round herds.

At the event

John and Sam will share the lessons they have learnt and future plans for the business. Also at the event will be Eleanor Price from Friars Moor Vets, Giles Simpson from Pearce Seeds, Mark Partridge from Duffields and Sean Chubb from LIC who have all been key to the success of the switch.

This meeting will look at all aspects of moving to an autumn block calving system, including:

  • Business impacts – yield, seasonality, cash flow, contracts
  • Infrastructure and physical limitations – grazing, housing, handling, parlour etc
  • People – mindset, how to manage peaks and troughs in labour demand
  • Herd management – breeding, fertility,  productivity and youngstock
  • Targets for physical and financial performance

Followed by a farm walk at Church Farm Dairy, Cucklington by kind invitation of the Crocker family.

Who should attend? Anyone interested in autumn block calving systems.

If there is enough interest, an Impact Group will be run to support farmers considering changing to or improving their autumn block calving.

To find out more or book a place, please contact the KE Events hub on 01904 771216 or email ke.events@ahdb.org.uk

The cost is covered through your levy. Please ensure you register your attendance for catering purposes.

To assist with biosecurity and conform to government guidelines, please ensure vehicles are clean and that you wear clean boots that can be disinfected.

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