Maximising the potential of home-grown forage: Derbyshire

Past Event - booking closed

30 April 2019

10:45 AM - 2:30 PM

Coton Wood Farm, Ashbourne Road, Sudbury, Ashbourne, Derbyshire


Join us at our all-year-round (AYR) calving strategic farm, Coton Wood Farm, for a meeting on how they have maximised home-grown forage production. Making the most of home-grown forage production will not only help a business to improve its performance per hectare, but also reduce its total purchased feed costs.

At the meeting

Michael and Tony Ball, along with independent grassland and forage consultant, Dr George Fisher, will discuss the opportunities they explored to optimise forage production on farm. By doing so, it helped them meet their business goal of achieving more than 10,000 litres/cow/year sold while reducing purchased feed cost, without affecting their exceptional fertility performance.

The meeting will cover:

  • Rotations
  • Current management practices and operations
  • Review of current method
    • Grazing strategies
    • Silage making strategies
    • Use of cut and carry

We will also review the current technical and financial performance against AHDB’s optimal dairy systems defined KPIs for AYR calving herds.

Who should attend?

If you’re responsible for managing cows, producing forage, managing dairy cows on robots or benchmarking, then this meeting is for you.

The cost of attending this event is covered through your levy, but please ensure you register your attendance for catering purposes.

Please bring a clean pair of wellington boots to help with the biosecurity and out of respect to the host’s farm business.

*If you have any special dietary requirement please contact us as soon as possible   

Dairy Pro Points are available for attending this event, Click here for more details.