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23 October 2019

The latest GB milk production forecast puts expected volumes for 2019/20 at 12.58bn litres.

11 October 2019

Light leaf spot is one of the most important foliar diseases of oilseed rape.

2 June 2020

Silage stocks are sitting pretty this year, according to feedback at AHDB’s latest milk forecasting forum. After the difficulties of last year’s hot, dry summer, grass growing conditions have, in general, been significantly better in 2019.

10 October 2019

Some OSR may already have 10% of the crop affected by phoma, according to the leaf spot forecast for the disease.

29 March 2019

Each spring, the autumn forecast is updated to take account of winter rainfall

21 December 2020

Why management of this foliar disease is essential

20 November 2018

A project to extend a Scottish ramularia forecast service to the rest of the UK resulted in the cessation of the forecast completely.

15 March 2019

The autumn light leaf spot forecast shows that the disease risk to winter oilseed rape is relatively low.

12 October 2018

Watch out for phoma leaf spot in winter oilseed rape, as current risk could be higher than you think.

30 August 2019

Could crisps lose out to healthier alternatives?

21 December 2020

Cankers can effectively strangle a plant, cutting off vital water and nutrient supplies

4 July 2018

The UK pig meat review shares the latest data on clean pig and sow slaughterings. It provides the latest import and export figures for the quarter and makes projections about the overall market supply situation to create a forecast