23 May 2018

Many external parasites that infest UK sheep flocks can hardly be seen with the naked eye, yet their effects on animal health, welfare and profit can be significant. This manual aims to help farmers to identify sheep parasites and provides information on how to implement effective control strategies

2 February 2022

As the UK sheep industry has become more reliant on pastures grazed only by sheep, dependence on anthelmintics (wormers) has increased. This manual, produced by the Sustainable Control of Parasites in Sheep (SCOPS) group gives an overview of how to control worms effectively and responsibly

25 October 2018

Internal parasites pose a significant threat to animal health and performance, however chemical treatments can lead to resistance developing in worm populations. The guidelines in this manual enable producers to maintain good worm control, while preserving the activity of wormers for future use

22 March 2021

A practical guide about drying off along with a pictorial protocol on clean infusion technique at dry-off.

22 June 2022

Cow tracks enable your herd to move safely around your farm, as well as bringing a number of other advantages. Learn how to design and build an effective cow track that benefits both you and your cows.

26 May 2021

Colostrum is vital to the newborn calf as it contains antibodies, energy and nutrients essential for growth.

22 May 2018

A leaflet about scoring a herd for swellings, along with pictorial examples. 

22 May 2018

A leaflet providing advice about hair loss and lesion scoring for dairy herds, along with pictorial examples. 

22 May 2018

A score card explaining why it is important to review the herd's cleanliness together with pictorial examples.

22 May 2018

A summary of recent research projects on health, welfare and nutrition and on soils, forge and grassland completed following two five-year research partnerships with leading universities and research institutes.

22 January 2019

This booklet includes information on our research programme as well as related products and services to to ensure have access to the most up to date advice possible.

19 October 2020

A guide about the key areas to consider when purchasing stock including potential diseases, isolation, tests and treatments.