13 August 2018

Piglets need warmth after birth as energy reserves to produce body heat are limited. They are also born with no immunity so need colostrum soon after birth a min 100ml per kg of birthweight within 16 hours is crucial to provide the energy, nutrients and antibodies to survive

30 March 2022

Use this information to improve, or start, recording feed conversion ratios in all stages of production to help with decision-making.

15 August 2018

Feed is the largest cost of production for the pig industry, making up around 60 per cent of total costs. Effective savings in this area can help mitigate price volatility.

8 August 2018

This article by our Market Intelligence team looks into the impact of the heatwave on ewe feed usage.

3 June 2019

Becoming the best sheep industry for health and welfare is the focus of the Sheep Health and Welfare Group (SHAWG) conference this November

2 November 2018

What to look out for and how to handle your cattle during extreme weather events such as droughts and heat waves

30 July 2018

A webinar to demonstrate the electronic medicines book

30 July 2018

Webinar: Guide to the common gut and lung parasites of cattle

23 June 2021

Explore how you compare against our optimal dairy system key performance indicators to help establish what we can learn from each other

10 May 2020

Discover how Sam Jones is protecting his flock and cutting costs

3 June 2019

Learn how blood testing is reducing costs at Dairy Farm

23 May 2018

Many external parasites that infest UK sheep flocks can hardly be seen with the naked eye, yet their effects on animal health, welfare and profit can be significant. This manual aims to help farmers to identify sheep parasites and provides information on how to implement effective control strategies