Cooking and eating

12 March 2019

In the following slides you will find an overview of young consumer attitudes toward meat. The information is based on qualitative research conducted for AHDB in 2018.

8 March 2021

This report explores key areas in which young consumers’ habits differ from the rest of the population and considers what challenges and opportunities this may pose for the food and agriculture industries.

4 June 2019

How can the bread category evolve to combat changing consumer attitudes?

4 June 2019

With work and leisure commitments increasingly impacting on the amount of time we have to prepare and consume meals, what we are eating, and the reasons behind our choices make for interesting reading.

16 August 2019

What areas of the world do popular cuisines originate?

3 June 2019

We learn about trends in breakfast consumption

3 June 2019

We take a look at changing attitudes towards eating and what that means for the future