Welsh dairy farms sought for national programme

Wednesday, 1 May 2024

We are looking for Welsh dairy farms to join our Strategic Dairy Farm programme.

Successful applicants will be appointed for three years and have the opportunity to collaborate with a team of experts to drive positive change on their farm.

A steering group comprising AHDB representatives, peers, and industry experts will offer a network of support and assist in identifying goals and developing a tailored plan for each farm.

The experiences of participating farms will be shared with other farmers, enabling them to learn from their insights.

Farmers who are interested in driving innovation, sharing best practices, and are confident in hosting on-farm and virtual events are encouraged to get in touch.

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn Gymraeg

Doreen Anderson, AHDB’s Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager Dairy, said:

“Our objective is to empower farmers to explore new ideas and embrace change within their businesses. This is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with local farmers and industry experts to effect positive changes on your farm.”

Our Strategic Dairy Farm programme aims to enhance business resilience and performance across the dairy industry.

It is farmer-led and farmer-driven, showcasing best practices and practical demonstrations to provide farmers with ideas for enhancing their own farms.

The existing farms in the programme include those with year-round and block calving systems, as well as fully housed and extensively grazed operations.

Karen Halton of Chance Hall Farms, a former strategic dairy farmer, said:

“Being a Strategic Dairy Farm opened doors to industry specialists from all around the world, people who we would never have been able to reach alone for advice and information.

"There is also a lot to learn from others on farm walk days as well as them learning from us.

“As a business, it has positively impacted change and development and helped us to make more data-led decisions.

“Personally, if by showcasing and sharing our knowledge has influenced other farmers to make positive changes in the lives of their cows, then that is an amazing feeling.

“It’s been an amazing journey for us and our business, just be open minded and embrace the advice and help on offer.

To express your interest in becoming our next Strategic Dairy Farm, please contact Jamie McCoy or James Hague before Sunday, 30 June.

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