New Sector Board members at AHDB

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Twelve new Sector Board members have been appointed across five of the sectors at the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board.

They took up their roles on 1 April, replacing sector board members who reached the end of their terms of office on 31 March. Appointments are for a three-year period.

  • Growers Chris Wilson and Jim Cargill have joined the AHDB Potatoes Sector Board. Alison Levett has also joined as an independent board member
  • Farmers Elizabeth Haines, Ian Harvey and Joseph Towers have joined the AHDB Dairy Sector Board
  • Processor Nick Davies and farmer Tim Bradshaw have joined the AHDB Pork Sector Board
  • Farmer Colin Bateman and processor Trevor Bellis have joined the AHDB Beef & Lamb Sector Board
  • Farmers Mark Wood and Russ McKenzie have joined the AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds Sector Board.

These sector boards are predominantly made up of farmers, growers & processors, providing an important level of direct accountability for AHDB. Sector boards typically have between 10 and 14 members, one or two of which will be non-levy payer independent members bringing additional expertise in areas such as marketing or supply chain.

AHDB Chief Strategy Officer Tom Hind said: “The AHDB Board delegates powers to the Sector Boards for devising and recommending the appropriate sector strategies and the budgets to deliver them. They also monitor that the levy raised from an industry sector has been spent to the benefit of that sector.

“We welcome our new members who have been recruited on an open, competitive basis and represent some of the best talent in the industry.”