Dairy cows: Reducing the risk of mastitis in heifers

Find out how to treat and manage mastitis in heifers, as well as how to optimise your heifer management and prevent environmental infection. 

How to minimise the risk of mastitis in heifers

To reduce the risk of udder infections in your heifers, try to focus on preventing environmental infection and optimising your heifer management and husbandry. In these pages, we’ll look at the strategies you can use to treat, manage and prevent mastitis infections in your heifers.  

Calving environment, fly control and adequate nutrition are a particular focus, and we’ll also cover herd-specific management interventions and monitoring, to help prevent summer mastitis and other udder infections. 

Treating mastitis

While mastitis management should focus on prevention, this page explains how to treat existing mastitis infections in heifers, including what treatments to avoid. 

Find out how to treat heifer mastitis infections in your herd

Preventing mastitis in heifers

Prevention is better than cure and on this page, we look at the ways you can stop mastitis infections before they happen, using tactics such as fly control and teat sealants. 

Read how to prevent mastitis in heifers

Managing mastitis

Learn what to look out for when spotting and monitoring mastitis in your heifers, including the importance of effective environment management and optimised husbandry.

Learn how to manage mastitis in heifers

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Controlling mastitis in heifers

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