Cow track drainage

Adequate drainage is critical to prolonging the life of your cow track. Here we look at how to ensure your track deals effectively with surface run-off.

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Draining a cow track

To prevent your cow track surface from deteriorating, it is critical to ensure it’s adequately drained, which stops pools from forming. The position , camber and drainage of your track is essential for reducing run-off and for stopping your tracks from sending that run-off into a watercourse.

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Here’s what to keep in mind when planning the drainage for your new track:

  • For tracks under 4 m, you’ll need a crossfall of 150 mm
  • For wider tracks, you’ll need a camber of between 3 and 6%
  • Keep the camber convex to shed water along the whole track rather than in one or two areas
  • If necessary, construct cross-drains to carry run-off into existing drains on the edge of the track. Ensure this is diverted off the track and not onto other low areas in the track or into watercourses
  • Clean cross-drains regularly to ensure they continue to divert water off the track
  • Don’t allow water to run along the tracks or remain on the surface − standing puddles tend to erode and in time destroy the track surface
  • Over time, verges build up along tracks. Remove these each year to keep water moving freely off the track
  • To prolong the life of the track, consider clearing overhanging greenery and ditches, which minimises weather damage and improves sun and wind exposure, allowing the track to dry more quickly

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