Objectives of a cow track

Cow tracks bring a number of benefits to your farm and herd. Find out how installing a track can save you money, keep your cows healthy and minimise your environmental impact.

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Objectives of a cow track

Cow tracks provide a useful function on your farm for the following reasons:

  • Improving cow flow, which reduces herding time
  • Allowing cows to travel comfortably and easily over considerable distances from the parlour
  • Minimising damage to claws, which also minimises lameness
  • Reducing field poaching and compaction, which lessens environmental impact
  • Extending the grazing season by providing better field access
  • Improving udder hygiene by keeping cows cleaner

Cost savings and other benefits of installing a cow track

Cow tracks can bring cost savings. You can calculate these by working out the number of extra weeks of grazing that a track will gain you at the start and end of the season, and take into account what this will save you in expenses such as conserved forages, scraping out and bedding.

Cow tracks may also benefit your general herd health, as they give you greater control over when your cows can be turned out and housed. These advantages include better foot and udder health, labour savings, and keeping sudden changes in your cows’ diet to a minimum.

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