WEBINAR: QuarterPRO - predict, react & optimise your mastitis control

Past Event

Thu, 06 February 2020

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Mastitis is one of the most important and costly diseases on dairy farms.

With a new decade and new challenges like antimicrobial resistance upon us, there is even more reason to focus on improving control of mastitis on dairy farms.

Join vet James Breen to learn more about a new GB-wide initiative to improve mastitis control – QuarterPRO is a new initiative which uses the AHDB Mastitis Pattern Analysis Tool to help you identify the main source of new mastitis infections on your farm.

The pattern tool uses the farm’s milk recording and mastitis case data to work out the predominant pattern of mastitis infection on farm – combine this with new factsheet resources to help you and your vet target the root cause of the mastitis problem on your farm to improve udder health and milk quality with the following benefits: 

  • Reduce the need to use antibiotics
  • Improve cow welfare
  • Improvement milk quality
  • Reduce somatic cell count
  • Reduce rate of new clinical cases of mastitis
  • Reduce risk of expensive antibiotic residue failures

So let’s make the 2020s the decade in which we show the rest of the world why British dairy farmers are the best - use QuarterPRO to improve mastitis control and reduce antibiotic use on farm.



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