Talking Leaders: Thinking bigger

Thursday, 17 October 2024

11:30am - 12:30pm

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With Anna Mosley, high-performance coach and founder of Eighty. Join us as we hear Anna's perspective on unlocking the full potential of yourself and your team, building resilience and agility and driving a culture for success.

Eighty is a growth academy that thinks bigger and equips leaders and their teams with the skills to achieve extraordinary results.

Anna Mosley

Anna is a multi-award-winning speaker and high-performance coach.

With an extensive past career in corporate leadership and vast experience in the world of mental health, Anna – a master in neurolinguistic programming – bridges the gap between mental fitness and high performance.

Having overcome her own struggles of perfectionism and burnout, Anna specialises in growth mindset.

She passionately upskills business owners and their teams to break through barriers to unlock their full potential, building resilience and agility and driving a culture for success.

Anna is known for her highly engaging style, for making complicated topics simple to digest and implement, and for leaving her audience thinking bigger every time.

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