Talking Leaders: Food2Lead the future

Thursday, 15 August 2024

11:30am - 12:30pm

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Prepare for an inspiring conversation on reshaping the future of food with Xander Beks.
During this broadcast, we'll explore Xander's journey from agricultural engineering to pioneering initiatives aimed at transforming the food industry.

Join us as we uncover Xander's innovative work with i4Nature and his mission to empower new generations in addressing climate-related challenges.

From his roots in agricultural systems to his strategic vision for sustainable agriculture, Xander will share his passion for driving meaningful change in the farming and food sector.

Join us as Xander challenges us to think differently, and explore the role of leadership in shaping the future of food.

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Xander Beks

Xander is the founder and leader of the pack at i4Nature cooperative, fostering advocates of the future for climate-related challenges.

He is also a Nuffield 2023 Scholar and public speaker.


i4Nature motivates companies and stimulates youngsters to unlock their full potential.

Their mission is to move the world, beginning with taking the perspective of young people and spreading the word to opinion leaders to move towards future-proof solutions.

They inspire and provide insights and explore how your company’s DNA can get ready for the future by connecting to the Green Generation.

By unlocking the full potential, they create sustainable food chains, healthy canteens and events that positively impact the environment.


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