Small Changes show results: The story so far at Davison Farm: North Yorkshire

Past Event - booking closed

12 July 2019

10:30 AM - 2:00 PM

Davison Farm, Egton, Whitby, North Yorkshire

YO21 1UA

Join us at an AHDB Strategic Farm meeting, hosted by Guy Prudom near Egton. Over the past two years of the Strategic Farm Programme, Guy has made a number of small changes which have helped him begin to improve the financial and physical performance of his business.

This event will be an opportunity to review all of the changes implemented including:

  • Grazing more cattle on a summer rotational paddock system
  • Improving cow nutrition around calving
  • Making key changes to the herd health plan with your vet
  • How to identify key aspects of herd performance to prioritise action

The event will be a great opportunity to hear about and discuss the changes that Guy has made and reflect on what small changes could make a difference to your own enterprise.

To attend the meeting you will need to book so please email or call 01904 771212  so we can plan catering accordingly. 

*If you have any special dietary requirements please contact us as soon as possible   

*Please bring clean and disinfectable footwear.