Export opportunities for UK lamb in the Middle East

Exporters will have the chance to learn about the opportunities for UK lamb in the Middle East during the latest in a series of AHDB export webinars this month.

In this hour-long webinar, which takes place on September 23rd at 2pm, we will explore the current market conditions in the Middle East, the challenges and opportunities faced by exporters and how UK sheep meat is perceived in this key target market.

AHDB’s International Market Development Director Dr Phil Hadley will host the event and give an overview of this important market as well as the role AHDB plays in promoting UK lamb across the Middle East.

He will then be joined by AHDB’s Halal Sector Manager Awal Fuseini who will look at the challenges and opportunities in this key region as well as the requirements by exporters, such as the correct certification, to maximise on the many opportunities.

Dr Fuseini will also discuss the ongoing work of AHDB’s export team to promote UK lamb and key activities planned for the next year, whilst tackling the ongoing challenges of COVID-19.

There will also be a presentation from Adil Khan from the Department for International Trade in Dubai, who will look at the market access for UK lamb, the growth in demand for imported meat and how UK lamb is perceived by consumers across the region.



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