Drought - burn-down and harvest

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Drought 2018: Burn-off in dry conditions

Dr Mark Stalham of NIAB CUF discusses options for burn-off in drought conditions, after updated advice was issued on the use of Reglone.

Drought 2018: Tackling in-field sprouting and secondary growth

Dr Mark Stalham of NIAB CUF discusses the options available to prevent in-field sprouting.

Remember: if you're worried about the quality of crop, and whether it will hold-up in store, you can call our free storage advice line on 0800 02 82 111 or email sbcsr@ahdb.org.uk

Drought 2018: Minimising damage at harvest

This season it is likely that crop will be in short supply, and with potentially higher dry matter content tubers will be more susceptible to bruising, it is important to look after what you have and minimise bruising and damage during harvest.

Download our guide to minimising potato damage at harvest

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