Cereal exports competitor reports

These reports explore the main countries the UK cereal industry competes with globally. They include information on demographics, economics, harvest quality, production and exports.


Wheat is the major grain crop produced in Western Australia, making up 65% of annual grain production.

Australia competitor market report


Grain is mainly produced in the north and north-east regions, which produce just over 50% of Bulgaria’s wheat.

Bulgaria competitor market report


The main wheat production area in Romania is the Danube plain in the south of the country.

Romania competitor market report


The main wheat growing areas in Russia are the southwestern regions, such as Voronezh, Volgograd and Tatarstan and southern regions, such as Krasnodar, Rostov and Stavropol.

Russia competitor market report


Grain production is centred mostly in three provinces – Córdoba, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires. These three provinces are the source of around 80% of the nation’s crop production.

Argentina competitor market report


Wheat production is concentrated in the northern half of the country.  Champagne-Ardenne, located in the north-east, is France’s leading producer of barley.

France competitor market report


The main wheat-producing regions are situated in the large interior area. The main barley-producing areas are situated in the northern plains and north-west areas.

USA competitor market report