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23 July 2019

A guide to essential facts and figures from the sheep industry in the previous 12 months, including livestock numbers, slaughterings, production, consumption, meat prices, imports and exports, abattoirs, auction markets and carcase classification (published July 2019)

19 July 2019

When assessing the effect of a No Deal Brexit on UK beef and sheepmeat trade, the change in tariffs and TRQs need to be a key consideration.

29 July 2019

Challenge Sheep discussion group run by Dawn Bowness with talks from Emma Steele

26 June 2019

Join us this summer for three sheep events entitled ‘Talking Sheep 2019’ that are taking place across the country. The full-day events will form a series of technical sheep events in collaboration with industry partners looking at key areas of sheep production.

31 July 2019

A one day technical event for the sheep industry

23 July 2019

A one day technical event for the sheep industry

25 June 2019

A one day technical event for the sheep industry

9 July 2019

Sheep Breeders Round Table is a biennial technical conference for sheep breeders, farmers, academics, consultants and industry representatives. The dates are Friday 15th to Sunday 17th November 2019 at Radisson Blu at East Midlands airport.

17 August 2023

Do you know how your animals are performing and your costs of production? Collecting records and then analysing them is the best way to understand how your business is performing.

13 November 2020

Specifically designed for beef and sheep enterprises, this cash flow spreadsheet will help you quickly see when money is coming into and out of your business and where it’s coming from and going to. This will allow you to identify any future financial peaks and troughs and what costs you will have to cover at any given time.

18 March 2019

AHDB Beef & Lamb is looking for five new farms to take part in a programme which aims to improve livestock businesses.

12 March 2019

This manual provides a concise reference guide to five infectious diseases of sheep that members of the sheep industry have identified as important: Border disease (BD), caseous lymphadenitis (CLA), Maedi Visna (MV), ovine paratuberculosis or ovine Johne’s disease (OJD) and ovine pulmonary adenocarcinoma (OPA). However, awareness of these diseases is low, with a recent survey suggesting fewer than 5% of farmers screen for them routinely.