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3 February 2020

Learn about the causes, signs and treatments of displaced abomasum.

20 December 2019

Learn about the impact of retained foetal membrane along with preventative strategies and treatment options.

19 December 2019

Causes and risk factors, epidemiology, impact, diagnosis and treatment of dairy cow uterine infections

11 February 2020

Information on feed, contamination, housing and health during flooding

23 October 2019

A factsheet explaining the causes of hypomagnesaemia (grass staggers), along with preventative strategies and treatments.

30 September 2019

Understanding breed characteristics and consumer demands

27 August 2019

Characteristics of breeds and current consumer demands

27 August 2019

Characteristics of breeds and consumer demands

15 October 2021

The latest research and advice on grass, forage and soil management to help improve grassland productivity on livestock farms

16 October 2018

The Livestock Information Service builds upon British existing standards and reputation for quality and safety to show consumers around the world that English meat and livestock products are world class.

5 November 2018

The R&D Review is a summary of some of the work the Beef & Lamb sector is carrying out on behalf of levy payers to help their businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

4 October 2021

Find information on arable rotation in livestock – forage crops, cover crops and more.