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24 November 2020

AHDB is supporting a panel discussion from the British Grassland Society on the environmental and financial aspects to consider when using herbal leys.

27 November 2020

Red meat exporters will have the chance to explore the changes ahead in the way they trade with the EU in the latest of our series of export-focused webinars.

20 November 2020

Agriculture is a significant contributor to UK ammonia emissions, however, there are steps that you can take to reduce emissions on your dairy farm.

22 July 2020

Join AHDB and Dr Luppo Diepenbroek, Independent consultant, for a webinar on outwintering cattle.

30 July 2020

Join AHDB’s Kim Matthews, Head of Animal Breeding and Tim Byrne, Managing Director, and Tom Kirk, Consultant from AbacusBio International Limited, for a webinar looking at the impact of mature size on farm efficiency and profitability.

2 June 2020

GrasscheckGB farmer gives us an update on the continued dry weather situation on-farm

22 May 2020

A webinar run by GrassCheckGB looking at grass reseeding and mixtures

26 May 2020

An article looking at how you can manage prolonged dry conditions on - farm.

6 May 2020

Table Talk: The positive role of livestock on the environment

8 January 2021

Choosing the right product and getting the most from it are key factors in ensuring optimum livestock performance for least cost and reducing the risk of anthelmintic resistance. The aim of this booklet is to provide an accurate, easy-to-use reference guide on all available anti-parasitic products in their various chemical groups and summarising the parasites they have been licensed to control.

3 February 2020

Learn about the risk factors that can cause milk fever and the treatment options.