Grassland Management

23 May 2019

In this guide we explore the potential role of cut and carry systems on UK dairy farms and establish best-practice guidelines for farmers

23 May 2019

Biological soil health testing is a useful method of quantifying the impact of different soil management practices such as the use of cover crops.

25 January 2019

Nutrient Management Guide RB209 updated with new guidance

19 October 2018

A lowering of RB209 phosphate offtake values for cereals could be justified, according to results from an AHDB-funded review.

2 October 2018

A successful 2019 grazing season starts now.

5 November 2018

The R&D Review is a summary of some of the work the Beef & Lamb sector is carrying out on behalf of levy payers to help their businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

4 October 2021

Find information on arable rotation in livestock – forage crops, cover crops and more.

14 August 2018

The earthworm count is a quick and easy soil testing method, plus it’s a great indicator of your soil structure and health.

22 November 2019

Views from across our Farm Excellence network on the 2018 heat wave and resulting drought

2 August 2018

Sward MOT, Chris Duller 2013

18 November 2021

Farmers and growers often want to maintain or enhance soil organic matter (SOM) content as this can have a range of benefits for soil health. Given that applying bulky organic matter has a financial cost, it is important to understand the merits of using different organic materials.

6 March 2019

Short pocketbook with simple steps to assess soil structure