Global flavours inspire shoppers to ‘swipe’ for pork

Friday, 20 September 2019

Inspired by dishes from the Caribbean and Asia, shoppers will swipe for pork as the latest phase of our £2.5 million advertising campaign hits TV screens this October.

Previous adverts, which have been seen by some 28 million people, have boosted consumer attitudes towards pork and how it can fit into their life. Now 10 per cent more of the population believe pork is an attractive option mid-week.

Promoting a broad range of cuts with mince, stir-fry strips, fillet and loin medallions included; the new TV adverts will see a family swipe through their tablet for inspiration browsing pork recipes using global flavours which transport them to an Asian street market, then a Caribbean beach party. All on the hunt for a mid-week meal. 

An industry-working group chaired by us has played an integral role in shaping the latest campaign, ‘Love flavour, Love Pork’.

Group member and pig farmer Fergus Howie, said: “In this new colourful campaign, pork is promoted in such a vibrant and exciting way. Looking at the results of previous advertising activity, we know that showing how versatile pork is has helped to change people’s attitudes towards this healthy meat – that’s the kind of work we need.

“The new adverts should give our industry a further boost and I’m looking forward to sharing some of the delicious recipes, to inspire shoppers who visit our own butchers.”

The advertising campaign will also work with the support of butchers and retailers, using social media and PR to captivate consumer interest.

Pork Strategy Director, Angela Christison, said: “Inspiring consumers to regularly cook with pork, as part of a healthy balanced diet, is important to support the natural appeal of this versatile protein.

“The delicious flavour of pork and ease of including it in quick and tasty dishes will help attract younger shoppers too.  We will be adding new recipes to so people can swipe as they shop.  Innovative ideas will give consumers even more confidence to cook and enjoy pork.”

The new TV adverts will run from 1 October across terrestrial, digital and on-demand services. To watch the new advert visit our preview page

Visit to download recipes and images on the autumn campaign.